About Us

GraceGiven Life is a faith based initiative that believes every woman should live a GraceGiven Life: a life of love for God and others, a life of purpose designed to use her natural gifts and talents, and a life of freedom to be the person God created her to be. When she lives a GraceGiven Life she is fulfilled, satisfied, and her true beauty and worth is revealed. As you shop, you are extending grace to someone else. A portion of your purchase goes directly to providing holistic mental health services to broken women. We all face trials in our lives and at times need assistance to overcome those challenges. At GraceGiven Life, we believe that we are called to support one another, achieving more by working together to create a meaningful and lasting change for ourselves, our children, and our world.

This vision for GraceGiven Life was formed through pain and prayer. At one of the darkest times in my life, I asked God, “Why are you letting this happen?” He said, “Grace.” During that difficult season of my life, I learned that God’s grace comes to us in unexpected ways. Out of my pain has come a passion for sharing His Grace with others. I hope you will join me.

J. Bryant

Founder, GraceGiven Life